Tumour found in mum’s right breast after her baby refused to be feed from that side

She says her baby saved her life.
Sarah Boyle

A breastfeeding mother says her baby alerted her to a tumour in her right breast after becoming ‘very distressed’ when she tried to feed him.

When mum Sarah Boyle, 26, saw how much her 8-month-old, Teddy, fretted she decided to get her right breast checked out.

Sarah knew she had a cyst in her right breast, but it had previously been tested and found to be benign. After Tommy’s freak out, however, she wanted a second opinion.

A second scan found that she did indeed have stage two cancer in her right breast, and she is now being treated.

While there is no evidence that babies can detect cancer, or that cancer changes breastmilk in any way, Sarah is happy to credit her baby with helping save her life.

‘Nobody can say for certain whether it was Teddy, but I know that if it wasn’t for him then this time next year it could’ve been completely different if I’d listened to doctors, but instead I listened to Teddy,’ the young mum told BBC.

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