Tragic teen ‘starved to death’ by her adoptive parents

Polk County Jail

A mum has been arrested for murder after her teenage daughter was found barely breathing, lying in filth on the lino floor of her home and wearing an adult diaper.

Natalie Finn, 16, of Iowa died later in hospital from ‘emaciation due to the denial of critical care’ reports the New York Post.

West Des Moines police Detective Chris Morgan detailed in an affidavit to the court that the room smelled of human faeces and urine, and there were ‘well over a dozen kittens and cats’ roaming freely.

The search warrant application for the Finn home was also released and details the horrific situation described in interviews with the Finn family members.

Natalie apparently lived there with her brother, 15, and sister, 4, all of whom had been adopted by Nicole Marie Finn, 42.

They allegedly all shared one room, with no furniture and rarely attended school. Up until her death, Natalie was apparently home schooled by Nicole who would refuse to feed her in an attempt to control her behaviour.

Nicole’s ex-husband, Joseph Michael Finn II, told investigators that he had helped Nicole nail the window in their room shut after discovering the children would escape and beg for food at a nearby store.

The carpet in the room was also removed and replaced with linoleum.

Both parents are facing charged of child endangerment and neglect of a dependant person.

State Senator Matt McCoy spoke about the harrowing case to KCRG: ‘It’s a horrific situation and I feel heartbroken for Natalie and her siblings who were, in essence, sealed in that room and left to die.’

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