Toddler’s tears over dad’s missing beard

First time he'd seen him without it!

An adorable toddler got a nasty shock when he saw his dad without a beard for the first time.

Night sky photographer Greg Hogan shaved off his usually thick facial hair, but hadn’t bargained for his little boy’s disappointment.

In a video uploaded to YouTube, Greg’s son asks, ‘What happened to your beard?’

Greg’s usual bushy beard can been seen in a photo on his Instagram page – and it’s easy to see why the tot noticed its absence.

Greg then asks, ‘Do you want it to come back? Are you sad?’ to which he answers ‘Yes’, before bursting into tears.

Greg asks whether the youngster ‘still loves him.’

Sadly, it’s a firm ‘no’ from the confused little one.

Greg, who lives in the US and is originally from Ireland, promises to grow his bushy beard back as soon as possible so as not to upset his young son.

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