Mum who dyed toddler’s hair PINK sparks nasty debate

Is this okay?

A mum famous for being fit and funky on Instagram and YouTube has come under fire after she uploaded a video to her channels where she dyed the hair of her two-year-old girl bright pink.

Her little girl Felicity (shortened to City) had apparently been begging mum, Charity Grace LeBlanc, to let her have pink hair – no doubt wanting to mimic her mum’s mermaid tresses.

Charity eventually gave in and used a wash-out pink hair dye, which required no bleaches and disappears in 4-6 weeks.

Despite Charity’s responsible choice in which kind of dye to use it didn’t stop people from questioning whether she should be doing it at all.

While some people thought it was adorable, others were not too sure.

How can u do that to such a cute child I feel so bad for her,’ one wrote.

Others went to far as to say she only did it for attention: ‘Are you crazy ? You did thise for likes!!!! Im sorry for you , who dye hair of little child? Im so angry with you!’

Others worried that letting City have her hair died will make her grown up too soon: ‘My mother made me wait until I was 18 to dye my hair. For multiple reasons I would do the same with my children. Letting them do “grown up” things makes them think they are equal to a grown up and can do as they please. I feel that we should just let kids be kids! ‘

What do you think?

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