Toddler found dead in cot just hours after being sent home by hospital

Coroner hands down findings.
Facebook / Emma Currah

When little Bridgett Currah’s grandmother rushed her granddaughter to hospital after continuous vomiting she was concerned for the little girl who had battled so many health problems already.

Tragically, just hours after being discharged, little Bridgett was found dead in her cot at just 19 months old.

A coroner’s report has now recommended additional training for staff at the Mildura hospital, describing her care as ‘manifestly inadequate’ and adding that she should have been admitted, reports Sunraysia Daily.

Bridgett has struggled with health problems since her birth. Only five days after her birth she underwent open heart surgery to fix a massive hole in her heart.

She also developed glaucoma, and as a result of constant tubes being put in her mouth refused to eat.

After 18 months being fed through a tube in her nose she had finally moved on to drinking her formula when the incident occurred.

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