Tragic toddler freezes to death on front porch after accidentally being locked outside

Devastated family lay the poor boy to rest.

Devastated family are mourning the death of a three-year-old boy who was found dead on his porch one morning after accidentally being locked out of the house on a freezing cold night. 

Landyn Melton has only just celebrated his third birthday when a neighbour discovered his small body on the porch of his home early one morning in a small town in North Carolina. 

Burke County Sheriff’s office found there was no evidence of trauma on the toddler’s body, and that he likely let himself out of the house during the night and then couldn’t get back in after the door closed behind him, reports WSOC news.

Temperatures were below 0 degrees Celsius during the night, with winds making it feel colder. 

The Melton’s had only recently moved to the town, say neighbours, who were shocked by the news. 

‘Just to hear what happened, it’s just a tragedy,’ neighbour David Barrier said.

‘We’ve been praying for the family and hope things work out for them.’

Landyn’s obituary described him as ‘a loving, happy little boy who lit up the room when he walked in.’

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