Dad who killed his five kids sentenced to death

How could he?
Timothy Jones Jr. killed his five children.

A dad who killed his own children has been sentenced to death for his ‘evil’ and ‘selfish’ crime.

Timothy Jones Jnr, 37, killed Merah, eight, Elias, seven, Nahtan, six, Gabriel, two and one year old Abigail in August 2014, then drove around for nine days with their bodies in his car. He then dumped them in black bin bags in rural Alabama, USA. 

During his trial, the court in Lexington County, USA, heard that he killed Nahtan after the six year old admitted that he wanted to be with his mother and also that he’s broken an electrical outlet. His wife Amber Kyzer had left him a single father of five after she started a relationship with someone else.

In what he described as a ‘white hot rage’, Jones then killed his son. It’s now known how exactly, but it’s thought he forced him to exercise excessively until he collapsed and died in bed.

After finding his son, he then killed his four other children. Jones strangled Merah and Elias with his bare hands and then used a belt to strangle Gabriel and Abigail.

In court, Jones’ attorney tried to argue that his client killed his children after being left alone to look after his kids and due to an undiagnosed mental illness. Lawyers also argued that his chaotic upbringing contributed to his behaviour. 

However, prosecutors claimed Jones was ‘evil’ and ‘selfish’.

Pleading with jurors during his closing statement, prosecutor Rick Hubbard said: ‘Let the punishment fit the crime… He is a mass murderer.’

Jurors agreed and on Tuesday (June 11 June 2019) Timothy Jones Jnr. was found guilty of murder.

The jury was then given the decision whether to sentence him to death or life without parole.

His father, stepmother, sister and two brothers all gave evidence to plead for him to be given life without parole.

Amber Kyzer also pleaded for her ex-husband to be shown mercy. 

She said: ‘He did not show my children any mercy by any means. But my kids loved him and if I’m speaking on behalf of my kids and not myself, that’s what I have to say.’

Despite these pleas, the jury decided Jones should be executed.

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