Three men get ‘pregnant’ and document the entire experience

The results are TOO good.
Three Pregnant Dads

Back in 2015 a group of three dads decided to undertake in an experiment in which they would wear ’empathy bellies’ which stimulate the last month of pregnancy, and the hilarious results have resurfaced online. 

Jason Bramley, Steve Hanson and Jonny Biggins work together at The Book of Everyone, a company which creates personalised books for birthdays and family events. 

The team embarked on a project called The Book of Mums, and in their first meeting they realised that three men had no merit writing a book for mothers, and so their hilarious idea was born.

pregnant dads
(Credit: Three Pregnant Dads)

The three fathers dared each other to wear pregnancy suits for one whole month, and documented the results in their blog – which went viral. 

The pregnancy suits are designed to put pressure on the bladder, stomach and lungs, and cause abdominal distention and the inability to get comfortable.

One of the men wrote, ‘What an awful night, I just couldn’t get settled. Tried to make a small city out of pillows around my bump. What were at first quite a pleasurable novelty, my boobs soon became about as welcome as a fart in a spacesuit. They were way too warm and hung on my arm sending it to sleep, and waking me at the same time.’ 

While another noted the struggles of being pregnant as well as taking care of a toddler, ‘Woke quite early thinking about the relatively simple household chores that I promised my wife I would do whilst she was away. The relatively simple chores have become mammoth tasks and I decide to call it a day. The thought of wallpapering my son’s bedroom is giving me a panic attack.’

The hilarious blog, called Three Pregnant Dads, has made a huge resurgence online with social media users re-sharing some of the hilarious images and videos. 

This article originally appeared on New Idea.

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