I’m a real life ghost-buster!

Rebs has a very special gift.

Ever since Rebs was a little girl, she knew she had an incredible gift.

Here, Rebs Baigent-Shaw, 42, tells the story in her own words.

Pulling the covers tight over my head, I let out a whimper.

‘Leave me alone!’ I cried out, shaking with fear.

I was only five, but I wasn’t having a night terror.

I was getting another visit from a spirit!

My bedroom was tucked away at the end of a long, narrow hallway in an old Victorian home.

The nights were filled with ancient creaks and ghostly murmurs.

‘It’s normal for an old house,’ my mum, Joyce, said.

But it was more than that. Ever since I could remember, I had a very special ability.

I could see ghosts! Plus spirits and unknown entities, and I could feel ‘energy’.

Some of them were friendly, including a gentle old man who was a regular. Other times, they were evil.

My brother Andre and me outside our old house (Credit: Supplied)

When I was 11, Mum and I visited a family friend whose son Josh had recently died in a car crash.

I spent the night in his old room and once everyone else had gone to sleep, Josh appeared.

‘Please let my mum know I died straight away and felt no pain,’ he smiled.

Telling his mum the next morning, she burst into tears and hugged me.

In that moment I realised how important my gift was.

As I grew older though, the visits from ghosts and spirits became more frequent.

Their late-night apparitions scared me and I lost sleep, friends – and my sanity.

Aged 15, I decided I didn’t want to be a ghost whisperer anymore.

I just want to switch it off, I thought desperately.

I felt so tormented by the spirits following me, it was almost as if I was possessed.

Visiting a shaman, I told her everything.

‘I hate it, I want them gone,’ I complained.

She frowned at me.

‘It doesn’t work like that. You need to accept your gift,’ she explained.

But I couldn’t.

Cleansing a home (Credit: Supplied)

As I entered my early 20s, the ghost attachments became more aggressive.

Walking down the street, I would feel a presence shadowing me and tapping me on the shoulder.

At night, they’d whisper awful things in my ear and I became too scared to sleep.

One night, I felt a crushing weight on my chest. Gasping, I looked up to see a white, horrifying face with sunken eyes staring at me.

‘What do you want from me?’ I sobbed, before it disappeared.

I felt so overwhelmed that I sunk into a deep depression.

It was a living nightmare.

I worked as a holistic therapist, but with the spirits’ constant presence, I struggled to do my job.

I couldn’t hold down a relationship either.

And after giving birth to my daughter Maddie, I struggled even harder.

It was like I was married to the ghosts!

A few years later, a close friend came to see me.

‘I know what you are going through,’ he said gravely. ‘The same thing happened to me.’

He introduced me to a husband-and-wife, named Sue and John, who were spiritual healers.

I felt like I was ‘possessed’ (Credit: Supplied)

Sitting down in a tiny, aroma-filled room in their clinic, Sue’s eyes widened.

‘You have more than one entity attached to you,’ she whispered. ‘They aren’t very friendly either.’

Using her healing powers, she cleared the entities and cleansed me.

Sue said the years of me trying to suppress my gift had made the ghosts ‘rotten’.

It was like leaving an apple on a shelf – the longer I ignored it, the more rotten it became.

Leaving the clinic, I felt a wave of relief crash over me.

My whole life had been transformed, I no longer felt like I had a monster on my back.

Soon after, I met a man.

We married and I had another beautiful girl, Shianne, now 12.

My daughters were too young to understand their mummy was so spiritual and I didn’t want to scare them, but my hubby was amazed by it all.

I even enrolled in spiritual training to learn how to use my gift to help others.

After becoming accredited, I joined Sue and John on their house calls to help purge families of ghosts, spirits or demons.

Some were the lost souls of deceased loved ones who didn’t want to leave the earth.

Sometimes, they’d passed away at home and didn’t even realise they were dead.

I feel so blessed to be able to help others now (Credit: Supplied)

‘You have to move into the light,’ I urged them.

Others were naughty poltergeists intent on causing mayhem, while some even assaulted their victims.

One worried mum called because her two-year-old had fallen down the stairs.

She believed something had taken her son from his cot and thrown him.

When I went round, I felt it immediately.

‘There’s definitely a poltergeist here,’ I said, before cleansing her home.

Finally feeling blessed to have my gift, I started my own business, Soul Vibe Events. I help discover people’s spirit guides, past life connections and life purpose.

It feels amazing to help people who are suffering from unknown spirits and ghosts like I was for so long.

After my marriage broke up I met my new partner, Scott, who even comes along to my house visits.

Some people look at me funnily when I tell them what I do – but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

When I was little, I wanted to be a lawyer.

But I grew up to be a ghost-buster!

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