This little girl’s cinema trip ended in tears

Little Addison was heartbroken when she had to miss out
Facebook/Addy Bears Fight

This little girl’s trip to the cinema ended in tears – because of a backpack.

Three-year-old Addison Wilson-Mitchell, from Batesman Bay, NSW, is fighting neuroblastoma, a form of cancer.

After more than 40 days in isolation following a bone-marrow transplant, Addison was excited about her family’s trip to see the latest Ice Age film.

(Credit: Facebook/Addy Bears Fight)
(Credit: Facebook/Addy Bears Fight)

Her mum, Kristen, packed her medication, plastic bags in case Addison was sick as a side-effect of her treatment, and a change of clothes.

But staff at Bay City Cinema told the family backpacks were banned. 

They would either have to carry all the items in their hands, or leave.

Addison’s aunt, Stacey Jeffery, posted the story and a picture on Facebook of Addison outside the cinema looking upset, clutching a tissue.

A spokesman for the cinema said the no-backpack policy was the for safety of patrons.

He added: ‘We will be reviewing this policy to see if backpack refusal should be on a case-by-case basis.’ 

The cinema has since been forced to close ‘until further notice’ due to the backlash over the incident, which included threats.

Mrs Wilson-Mitchell said any threats made to the cinema over the incident were ‘absolutely unacceptable.’

(Credit: Facebook/Addy Bears Fight)

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