This couple have the most romantic job

His proposal will melt your heart
Matvey and me

Sofie Roberg, 29, Brisbane, Qld

I was about to leave my hotel room when there was a knock on the door.

‘Can I take your luggage for you?’ the tall blond man grinned.

Matvey, 28, was from Russia and he’d just joined Disney On Ice as my skating partner.

For the last six months, I’d been lucky enough to transform into Disney princesses for a living!

For our first job together, I played Rapunzel and Matvey was my on-ice love interest, Flynn Rider.

Us, as Flynn and Rapunzel (Credit: Supplied)

After that, he’d come to my room every time we moved cities and collect my luggage.

He’d carry my bag after rehearsals too. He was such a gentleman!

‘Maybe he wants something more,’ the other girls would say, excitedly.

‘No, no,’ I’d blush. ‘We’re just friends.’

Whenever the tour took us to a new place, we’d go sightseeing together.

Then after we’d been skating together for four months, Matvey and I had a drink in the hotel bar.

Next thing I knew, we were kissing. It just felt so right!

Matvey was very thoughtful and funny and I realised I’d completely fallen for him.

We became a proper couple and appeared in lots more shows together.

As Matvey lifted me up and spun me around in front of the crowds, he’d give me a wink that only I could see.

So romantic!

Matvey and me (Credit: Supplied)

Then in December 2014, we were performing as Rapunzel and Flynn again.

After the finale, the curtain went down for the last time.

All the other skaters had left the ice so it was just me and Matvey standing on top of the castle in the centre of the rink.

‘Great job!’ Matvey smiled, hugging me.

Suddenly he looked really shy.

Then he reached into the satchel that was part of his costume.

‘Sofie, will you marry me?’ he asked, producing a beautiful diamond ring.

I was in so much shock I couldn’t speak.

‘I’ve been thinking about proposing for a really long time and I didn’t know how to do it,’ Matvey said. ‘This seemed perfect because it’s where it all started.’

It was just like being in a fairytale.

In the dressing room after the show, I held out my hand as our fellow cast members screamed with excitement.

We were now a real-life Disney couple!

Afterwards, Matvey reminded me that I’d been so surprised I hadn’t even agreed to marry him yet.

‘Yes!’ I cried.

Now we’re planning our wedding for next year.

Since I was a little girl, I’d dreamt of skating for Disney On Ice.

I didn’t know I’d find my Prince Charming too!

This story was originally published in that’s life! Issue 25, 23 June 2016

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