This couple became parents of four in 24 hours

'I can't explain the feeling,' says mum
Jeremy Carling

A US couple have found themselves instant parents to four children under the age of three!

Today, Jeremy and Kaley Carling are adoptive parents to Haven, two, Indie, one, and twin nine-month-old girls Sunny and Weslie.

However, the couple’s road to parenthood hasn’t been easy. Utah-based Jeremy and Kaley Carling knew they would never be able to conceive naturally – due to medication Kaley takes for lupus and rheumatoid arthritis – so started the process for adoption.

‘Ever since I was a teenager, and I knew what fostering and adoption was, I wanted that to be a part of my life whether I was able to have children biologically or not,’ Kaley Carling told ABC News.

At the beginning of this year, they started working with a birth mum, in the hope of adopting her unborn child.

‘Since February, I went to every doctor appointment with her. We were taking care of her and at times, her 2-year-old son. But then when the baby was born [in July] she changed her mind,’ Kaley says.

The woman, according to Kaley, was arrested for child sex trafficking in August. The Carlings immediately began petitioning for custody the girl and her older brother, but the baby was given to a relative.

Tragically, both the family member and the two-month-old baby girl were murdered shortly after.

(Credit: Kaley Carling)

‘It was a roller coaster ride that wouldn’t end,’ said Kaley.

However, there was a glimmer of hope for the Carling’s.

On the same day that the birth mother was arrested, social services said that two little girls – Indie, one, and Haven, two, – were up for fostering.

And within 24 hours they got another call, from a woman who wanted to give up her twin daughters, nine-month-old Sunny and Weslie, to the Carlings.

Last month they finally completed adoption proceedings for all four.

‘I can’t explain the feeling,’ the mum-of-four said. ‘I feel like kids could even feel it, we all felt a massive sense of relief. The time had come for us to just be a normal family’.

Source: New Idea

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