The sole surviving member of murdered Lin family breaks her silence after 8 years

Brenda Lin says ‘there are not enough words to describe the pain’.
Channel 7 / Sunday Night

The single remaining Lin family member has finally been identified after suffering in secret for 8 years after her uncle Robert Xie brutally killed her parents, aunt, and younger brothers in their beds.

Brenda Lin is the oldest child of Lily and Min Lin, and was travelling in New Caledonia when Robert Xie broke in and killed her family.

She has shared her story, and revealed her identity on Channel 7’s Sunday Night show.

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During the NSW Supreme Court trial, Lin revealed that Xie had taken her in after the murders, where she was sexually assaulted while living with him. He also said that he had inappropriately touched her before.

‘I do not even know how to begin to express how the murder of my immediate family have impacted my life — there are not enough words to describe the pain and suffering caused me and those around me,’ she told Sunday Night.

‘He was someone that I trusted… I’d give anything to have my family back.

Justice Elizabeth Fullerton describes Xie’s apparent motives for committing the violent killings, including his sexual interest in his niece, Brenda, and jealousy of of his brother-in-law – Min Lin – who he perceived to have a higher status within the family.

In sentencing, Justice Fullerton described the attacks as ‘heinous in the extreme’. Xie is said to have used a spare key to enter the house, where he moved about the upper floors, going into bedroom and beating each family member to death with a ‘hammer-like object.

Robert Xie has been sentenced to  five life sentences after being found guilty of murdering the family. He will never be released from jail.

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