The one thing that spared Schapelle Corby the death sentence

The prosecutor in her case has revealed how perilously close Corby came to paying the ultimate price.

The prosecutor in Schapelle Corby’s drug-smuggling trial has spoken for the first time and revealed how close the Australian came to receiving the death penalty.

According to the Courier Mail, Ida Bagus Wiswantan, who handled Corby’s case, said of the death penalty: ‘For sure it was discussed.’

‘Finally we decided not to give the death sentence because she can be rehabilitated.’

‘I felt that Corby can still rehabilitate herself so the death sentence is not the punishment. If she got the death sentence she cannot rehabilitate. But I felt that Corby has the chance to fix herself.’

However, she could still have been sentenced to death, as the prosecutors recommendation needed to be signed off by the Attorney-General, in Jakarta.

Fortunately, the Attorney-General agreed with the prosecution – despite the fact that Corby maintained her not guilty plea the entire time.

Schapelle Corby is expected to board her flight back to Australia tomorrow.

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