Company introduces ‘puppy parental leave’ that gives you time off when you get a new dog

You could call it ‘paw-ternity’ leave!

A Scottish brewing company that already welcomes employees dogs at work has announced a ‘Puppy Parental Leave’ scheme to help employees welcome new pups home.

In an announcement on their website, the company BrewDog say they are proud to be the ‘first in our industry to give our staff a working week’s leave on us to help settle a new furry family member into their home.’

‘Puppy Parental Leave will support nervy canines and their owners alike in those all-important first few days of the greatest relationship a person can have (children excepted).’

They say the reason for the initiative is simple – ’to be the best company to work for, ever.’

Well paw-ternity leave is a pretty good start!

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