Teen arrested after deliberately lighting devastating fires during heatwave fireban

Three people will face court after starting fires this weekend.
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A 13-year-old is facing court charged with lighting a fire in a smash repairs car yard that took off, destroying over 100 vehicles, according to police.

Properties and livelihoods have been destroyed as over 100 fires rage across New South Wales following a weekend of record-breaking high temperatures.

A police spokesperson says the fires were lit despite warnings about the danger.

‘We made it quite clear last week also that lighting these fires is not only illegal and dangerous but can also be deadly. We’ve had individuals who have lost their homes and livelihood,’ said the spokesperson.

Around 80 fires continue to burn across the state, threatening homes, businesses, and livestock.

A member of the Rural Fire Service lost his home during the fires which devastated the town of Uarbry.

Despite the damage, there are no reports of lives lost during the bushfires.

‘[Saving lives] was our primary focus and is an outstanding result and reflective of the extraordinary collective effort,’ says Rural Fire Service commissioner, Shane Fitzsimmons.

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