Teen over TWO METRES tall has 3D-printed shoes made to fit his size 28 feet

He’s over the moon!

An American teen diagnosed with a rare form of gigantism has received the best-fitting pair of shoes of his life after a company went out of their way to 3D print a pair to fit his 45cm long feet.

Broc Brown, 19, lives with a condition called Sotos syndrome. A condition which means he basically has not stopped growing, and there’s no knowing when he will stop.

He is now a whopping 230cm tall – 7 feet 8 inches – and wears a size 28 shoe, which are impossible to find.

A new footwear company called Feetz, however, learned about Broc and came to the rescue reports CNN.

Using digital scanning and 3D printing, Feetz are able to make a custom-sized shoe to fit Broc perfectly for a fraction of the cost of finding and buying size 28 shoes in stores.

Broc is absolutely delighted with his new shoes, which are red and black in honour of his favourite team, the Chicago Bulls.

When asked if he likes his new shoes he replied: ‘Heck, I don’t like them. I love them. Thank you.’

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