Surgeon walks free after accidentally removing 4-year-old’s penis during botched circumcision

The court found unforeseen circumstances were to blame.

A surgeon has been acquitted of negligence by a court in Geneva, after standing trial for a botched circumcision that led to a four-year-old boy’s penis being removed entirely.

The boy’s father was taking photos during the operation and apparently tried to get his son to look toward the camera just as the incision was about to be made, reports IBT.

The sudden movement caused the surgeon’s scalpel to cut the boy’s penis clean off and it fell to the floor.

After being on trial for three years, the surgeon was finally acquitted after it was found that he had not been negligent but rather unforeseen circumstances caused the accident.

The boy’s defense lawyer, Charles Joye, welcomed the decision, saying: ‘The court recognizes that the surgeon is not responsible when an unforeseeable event, such as in this case, causes an imprecise action.

‘The event that took place was an unfortunate accident, not caused by the doctor, and his behaviour testifies to his cool head as well as his skill.’

The boy has undergone a series of surgeries to reattach his penis, and will be able to decide at 18 if more procedures are necessary.

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