Stranger who left single mum a note saying she was breathtaking has a GIRLFRIEND

Turns out, he's a serial sender

When single mum Aleasha Bliss, 32, found a sweet note on her windscreen this Valentine’s Day, she was thrilled. 

Stepping inside a petrol station for a coffee, she’d returned to find the note, which said she was ‘breathtaking’. 

The Brisbane hairdresser shared her discovery on her blog.

‘First thought before opening it – great, I’ve cut someone off on highway and they thought they’d leave me an aggressive message to tell me off,’ Aleasha wrote.

‘Not the case. To my amazement, all it said was, ‘Hi just had to say wow you are breathtaking, Josh (and a phone number).”

At first, she was pleasantly surprised, but soon found out that ‘Josh’ was a serial note leaver.

Since, she’s been contacted by two women who’ve also received letters from him.

 One woman, Kelly, told Daily Mail Australia that she was left an identical message at the same service station. 

 Another anonymous woman also shared that she had received the same note, only signed with the name ‘Blake’ instead of Josh, according to Daily Mail Australia

Turns out, ‘Josh’ is already taken.

‘So this is out of control,’ Aleasha wrote on her blog.

‘Josh is not at all who he claims to be, I’ve just been speaking to his heartbroken girlfriend.’


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