Sperm bank boss ‘had no concept of ethics’ using OWN SPERM to impregnate patients

Alleged victims from his clinic speak out during trial.

Sperm bank worker who swapped donor sperm for his own and then impregnated patients at his IVF clinic apparently saw nothing wrong with his actions.

Court proceedings are underway investigating the late Jan Karbaat – who worked at a Dutch fertility clinic.

Before passing away last month aged 98, Karbaat allegedly admitted to fathering at least 60 children at the facility, reports the Telegraph, prompting a court case from horrified women terrified he’d violated them.

One plaintiff, Monique Wassenaar, told the court she has email evidence of Karbaat admitting to fathering children at the clinic and moreover – that he saw no problem with it.

‘He [thought he] was in good health and intelligent, so he could share some of his genes with the world,’ she said.

‘He saw it as something noble. He had no concept of ethics and minimised the impact on the children.’

Another plaintiff, Esther Heij, says her son has been horribly affected by the knowledge that his father may not be who he was brought up to believe – throwing into doubt if he and his sister were related.

‘He was so angry when Karbaat died, and that he was taking this to his grave. Tests are under way, but it’s not clear if they really are brother and sister,’ she told the court.

The trial continues.

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