Snake lurking in Aussie kitchen is almost impossible to spot

Can you work out where it is?

A snap of a snake hiding in an Aussie kitchen has left many perplexed and unable to spot the lurking reptile.

Brisbane Snake Catchers uploaded the photo to their Facebook page, challenging fans to try and locate the slithery snake.

Sharing the image of a kitchen in Wynnum, Queensland, they wrote, ‘SPOT THE SNAKE!! We were called out today to an elderly couple’s home in Wynnum, Brisbane, can you find the snake in this kitchen?’

At a first glance, it seems almost impossible to work out where the snake is hiding.

Facebook users were equally baffled and many got it wrong, with one writing, ‘On the cane basket,’ and another guessing, ‘Under the tea towel on the bench.’

But each time, they were met with disappointment as the Brisbane Snake Catchers told them they were wrong.

Hiding snake
(Credit: Facebook)

Finally, it was revealed that the snake was hiding behind the snowman plate, placed on the top of the cupboards on the right.

If you look closer, you can just make out the shape of the python’s body concealed behind the air freshener.

The snake catchers added to the post that, ‘the couple were making themselves a tea when they discovered a scaly visitor above their heads staring at them. He’s now back in the bush where he belongs.’

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