She sold her hubby for $35

What a bargain!

Trish Wilson, 50, Mackay, Qld

As my finger hovered over the post button on Facebook, I hesitated. But my husband Ken, 64, gave me an encouraging nod.

‘Go on, love,’ he laughed.

So with my man’s blessing, I published the advertisement on our local classifieds’ page.

Husband for sale – just $35, it read.

‘What a bargain!’ I giggled.

I didn’t want to get rid of him though.  Ken is the best hubby in the world.

Me and my man.
Me and my gorgeous man.

A true all-rounder, Ken can fix anything. But he’d had a tough time finding work as a tradesman since we moved to Mackay.

Ready for a change, we’d left Sydney spontaneously in May this year.

Determined, I scoured the internet for jobs, quickly landing a sales gig. But my hardworking hubby wasn’t so lucky.

My Ken’s a catch, I thought, a plan forming in my mind.

If only everybody knew it! So I decided to put up a cheeky post on Facebook, promoting Ken’s tradie services.

Logging on, I knew I’d have to catch the audience’s attention quickly.

So I decided to act as if I was actually selling my partner of ten years!  Instantly, my phone began to ping with responses.

‘You’re popular!’ I teased Ken, as the offers of work started flooding in.

My Ken's the best handyman around.
My Ken’s the best handyman around.

My automatic gate’s broken, wrote one.

My plaster wall needs patching, said another.

Can he fix it?

Yes he can! I replied enthusiastically.

It turned out that two lovely families needed their homes renovated. When those jobs finished a few months later, I put Ken up for sale once more.

‘Let’s give the ladies a treat,’ I laughed, adding a snap of Ken.

My Ken's one handsome bloke!
My Ken’s a handsome bloke.

They lapped it up!

This time, the response was incredible, with the post receiving 250 likes. We even made the front page of our local newspaper!

The front page of our local newspaper.
We couldn’t believe it!

Better yet, the offers continued to roll in and Ken has worked every day since.

My Ken is hot property, but I always knew that.

 Originally published in that’s life! Issue 44, 2016. 

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