Adorable panda cub in Shanghai is one month old!

No longer a pink little bundle, the black and white baby panda is winning hearts world over.

Shanghai zookeepers celebrate as newborn panda cub reaches its one-month milestone.

Born to 20-year-old panda Guo-Guo, the cub was born hairless and blind but has now grown its own coat of distinctive black and white fur.

The cub is yet to be named – but a suggestions are rolling in with an announcement to be made on September 9.

The cub now weighs 1.5kg.
The cub now weighs 1.5kg. (Credit: VCG/Getty)

Keepers at the Shanghai Wildlife Park are yet to introduce their special baby to visitors, letting protective mum Guo-Guo call the shots.

‘[We] need to make sure she is emotionally ready to allow her cub to meet people,’ said Min Yingguo, director of the park’s Animal Management Department.

Meanwhile here are some of the Wildlife Park’s resident pandas doing what they do best – eating!

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