9-year-old boy uses his pocket money to pay off classmates’ lunch debts.

This is adorable!

A kind-hearted boy has sacrificed his usual sports equipment in order to pay off the lunch debts of his classmates.

Ryan Kirkpatrick, 9, had discovered that some of his fellow pupils were struggling to pay for their school meals.

Chatting to his mum, Kylie Kirkpatrick, about the money that the students at West Park Elementary School, the generous chap decided he wanted to make a difference.

Kylie spoke to Californian news station KABC about the discussion saying, ‘It was I think $74.50 (USD). So I took that email and came to Ryan and said, “What do you want to do?’’

She explained, ‘And he said, “I guess I can pay for it.”

‘I said, “Are you sure?”

‘And he said, “Yes.”’

Ryan Kirkpatrick at Golden State Warriors game
Ryan enjoying a Golden State Warriors game (Credit: Twitter/@kyliekterp)

A huge sports fan, Ryan would have usually spent the cash on autographed baseballs, but he instead decided to give it anonymously to the Californian school.

The adorable story went viral and US politician Bernie Sanders even weighed in on the subject, tweeting, ‘School lunch debt should not exist in the wealthiest country in the history of the world.

‘When we are in the White House, we are going to provide year-long, free universal school meals.’

Ryan and Kylie were even given tickets to watch his favorite American basketball team, Golden State Warriors, play and defeat the Toronto Raptors.

Speaking about his generous act, Ryan said, ‘I just want them to realise people actually think about them instead of just telling them what they did because you’re just bragging about stuff.

‘I want them to feel happy that someone cares about them.’

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