Orphaned baby rhino saved by CPR

Sanctuary staff scramble to save one of their babies.
YouTube / Working With Rhinos

An emotional video has made the rounds showing sanctuary staff in South Africa scramble to save one of their baby rhinos.

Meha, a young white rhino, was brought to the sanctuary in South Africa after her mother was killed by poachers. During a medical procedure, Meha had a bad reaction to the sedatives she’d been given and soon the team were horrified to discover she’d stopped breathing.

With one team member blowing into Meha’s nose, and three or four others pressing heavily on her side, staff were terrified they may lose one of their precious orphans.

Miraculously, Meha soon coughed and tried to get up. She had been brought back by CPR!

Meha has fully recovered and is back in the fields playing with her fellow rhinos.

Orphaned rhinos snoozing together.
Orphaned rhinos snooze in the sun at the SANpark sanctuary. (Credit: YouTube / Working With Rhinos)

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