Bride who wore FIVE wedding dresses defends her extravagence

She's been called 'vain' and 'bridezilla'
Rachel Ward Instagram

A bride who wore five wedding dresses has been called ‘indecisive’ and ‘vain’. 

Rachel Ward wore five stunning dresses, costing a total of $90,000. The 27-year-old wore two of them to an overseas wedding ceremony to groom Thomas Cottrell in the Maldives last year and then three for a second ceremony on the UK’s Lake District in June.

Showing them to her 252,000 Instagram followers, Rachel asked them which one they would choose.

Scroll below to see all five. 

While many of her fans remarked at how beautiful the gowns are, others were shocked.

‘Did you need five? That’s honestly all that comes to my head,’ asked one follower.

‘High maintenance and vain! The marriage won’t last. Guarantee it,’ one wrote, with another adding, ‘The dresses were clearly more important than the actual getting married part.’

One person even predicted that she’d end up divorced. 

But speaking with the Daily Mail Rachel defended her extravagance.

‘I left two of the wedding dresses I wore in the Maldives there for future Maldivian brides to wear, should they not be able to afford a gown themselves,’ she explained.

She also donated two to Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust – a charity close to her heart after receiving two high-grade ‘abnormal’ grade pap smears in the past.

‘I’m really not a bridezilla,’ she added. 

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