Brisbane schoolgirl feared abducted shows up to school safe and sound 14 hours later

This 11-year-old had no idea the panic she had caused.
QLD Police

When their little girl still wasn’t home at 9pm, this 11-year-old’s parents called the police and reported her missing.

Their terror grew as they learned she had been expected to meet friends at a nearby skate-park but was a no-show.

Police issued an amber alert and widened their search, concerned that she may have attempted to travel out of the city when it was discovered she had taken $50 from the family home.

News outlets put the call out for information – desperate to locate the girl who hadn’t been heard from since late afternoon.

After an anxiety-riddled 14 hours her parents breathed a sigh of relief when their daughter was found. Or more specifically… turned up at school safe and well having stayed at a friend’s house without telling her parents where she was.

Inspector Glenn Allen was leading the search effort, and said the girl has shown ‘remorse’ for causing so much worry, and hopes she understands the consequences of her behaviour.

‘If she doesn’t, I’m sure she will,’ he said.

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