Pregnant woman gets revenge on train passengers who refuse to give up priority seats

Good on her!
Supplied - Jayda Chapman

A pregnant woman has started taking photos of commuters who take up room in priority seating on trains.

Jayda Chapman is now 30 weeks pregnant and is fed up with greedy commuters refusing to move from seats designated for elderly or pregnant people.

Her frustration reached fever pitch three weeks ago when she boarded a Queensland Rail train and found that a rail employee was sitting on the seats with his partner.

‘Nothing worse then being 27 weeks pregnant and not even a Queensland Rail worker will get of a seat designated for pregnant, seniors or disabled people,’ she posted on Facebook to Queensland Rail.

‘How disrespectful sitting there with he’s partner while my self a pregnant woman and elderly people stand!! It’s so wrong!!’

While Queensland Rail responded saying they were ‘really disappointed’, Jayda told the Courier Mail that it’s a constant occurrence.

‘Sometimes I ask people if they’d mind giving me their seat, and some people look at me like ‘how rude are you!’,’ she said.

‘It’s horrible having to stand up. I work in an office but my feet are so swollen by the end of the day, I just want to sit down. Have some respect and look around you.’

Jayda at 27 weeks pregnant
Jayda at 27 weeks pregnant (Credit: Supplied)

Queensland Rail chief executive officer Nick Easy apologised for the incident.

‘This is certainly not the standard of etiquette we expect from our employees,’ he said.

‘We will take appropriate steps to reiterate our standards to our employees.’

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