Pregnant bridesmaid walks down the aisle despite going into labour

She didn't want to ruin her best friend's day.

A pregnant bridesmaid has gone above and beyond for her friend on her wedding day.

Going into labour the morning of Katie Letton’s wedding, Karla Barry was determined not to draw the attention away from the bride.

‘When we were going to the wedding, Adam [her husband] packed the hospital bag and I was like, ‘What are you doing, he’s not due for another week’,’ she told the Western Australian.

It was lucky he did.  ‘I was in early labour pretty much all day — Katie’s mum was a midwife, so she monitored me and made sure I was OK,’ she told the publication.

Karla was in prelabour as she walked down the aisle, which continued through the speeches and the first dance. ‘It was my biggest concern — either walking down the aisle, having photos taken or during the first dance that my waters would break,’ she said.

‘I just didn’t want to ruin Katie’s day, so we didn’t tell her.’

At around 8:20 pm, it became too much and Karla left for the hospital.

‘We ended up leaving and finally told Katie — I cried because I didn’t want to leave,’ Karla said.

‘It was her big day but she was over the moon and happy for me.’

Karla and her husband Adam welcomed a beautiful baby boy at 2am on November 27.

Speaking to The Project, Katie said she had no idea what was going.

‘I had absolutely no idea she in labour,’ she told the hosts, adding, ‘She was sitting lots and lots and resting her feet but she had been doing that lots the last couple of weeks.’

This article first appeared on Practical Parenting.

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