Police stop car on highway to discover it’s being driven by an 11-year-old

It's one of the countries busiest highways.

When motorists spotted the swerving car on this Canadian highway they suspected a drunk driver.

When police arrived, however, they were shocked to discover an 11-year-old behind the wheel.

‘Drivers called it in thinking it was probably an impaired driver, because the vehicle was all over the highway,’ Sgt. Kerry Schmidt says in a video posted to the Ontario Provincial Police Twitter account.

‘The vehicle was first… going under the speed limit – like about half the speed limit,’ he said.

‘As the officer tried to get out and talk to this driver, find out what was going on… the vehicle took off again.’

Finally officers were able to box the car in, and when at a stop they opened the door to reveal an 11-year-old boy.

Sgt. Schmidt says the boy had spent an evening playing the video game, Grand Theft Auto, and had decided he wanted to know what it was like to drive a car.

While his parents slept at home, the boy had jumped behind the wheel and taken off. Police say it’s lucky the stunt didn’t end in tragedy.

No charges will be laid on the boy, who was driven home by Police with the car in tow.

‘He’s only eleven years old,’ Schmidt said. ‘We’re leaving it up to the parents to determine what an appropriate punishment would be.’

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