I’m paid to put up Christmas trees!

Got an odd job? Meet Australia's Mrs Fix-It

Need a hand with your Christmas decorations? Want help finding love online? Desperate to nab that concert ticket?

Then Layla Roberts, 44, from NSW, is your woman. Australia’s very own Mrs Fix-It told that’s life! all about her unusual job at Sydney Concierge

Tightening the last screw on the flat-packed chair, I stood back to admire my work. After weeks of long days and late nights, the apartment was finally complete.

This place finally feels like home, I thought. It wasn’t my home though. I’d attended countless house inspections and given virtual tours through Skype, before furnishing the place.

Now I’d done all of the hard work, it was ready for my client to move in.

While it might sound strange to some, it’s all in a day’s work as a full-time concierge. You could say that my job is a Mrs Fix-it!

When I was 31, I moved from the UK to Sydney and landed a job as a concierge for a credit card company. I looked after everyday tasks for time-poor people, such as purchasing tickets and booking accommodation.

It was similar to a hotel concierge – but for their entire life.

Layla set up a campervan for her clients
Setting up a campervan (Credit: Layla Roberts/Supplied)

‘You’re a miracle worker,’ one woman said after I scored her concert tickets to see Adele. Knowing just how much it had meant to her made me feel warm and fuzzy inside.

That’s when I realised I’d found my calling. So four years later, with less than $1000, I started my own company.

I made it my mission to make the seemingly impossible happen. From $131, clients could buy two hours of my time. For that, I could do anything they wanted – as long as it was legal, of course.

Over the years I’ve had my share of unusual demands, including renting an armoured car in London and even a request to try and arrange a meeting with Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian.

Though I didn’t manage to do the latter one, it was fun trying. I was even asked to find someone a husband.

Layla Roberts putting washing out for a client
Helping a busy mum with her laundry (Credit: Layla Roberts/Supplied)

One of my clients became overwhelmed with the number of matches she’d had on a dating website. So with my help, we managed to narrow the list from 150 down to 10.

My partner Chris, 46, thought it was hilarious. After all, that’s exactly how we met four years ago. ‘Don’t go using any of your cheesy pick-up lines on them,’ Chris would laugh.

While none of the men turned out to be the one, I’ve since booked tickets for her to attend singles parties. I’m determined to find her a man!

But the most time-poor people I come across are new mums who often hire me to help them out, even if it just means me pegging out their washing.

And, when clients want a hand putting up their Christmas trees, I’m happy to help add some festive sparkle.

In my job, every day brings something different and that’s the best adventure you could hope for in life.

Find out more about Layla’s business, Sydney Concierge here.

Layla Roberts decorating a client's Christmas tree
Decorating a Christmas tree for a client is a fun part of my job (Credit: Layla Roberts/Supplied)

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