Pageant mum admits her daughter will hate her for what she put her through

'She is mine and I’ll ruin her as much as I want.'

A mother in the UK, Sami Bushell, has admitted she knows her daughter will likely grow-up hating her for the pressure she’s put on her daughter, Hallie Mae, 3, in children’s beauty pageants.

Sami Bushell, 28, and her daughter Hallie Mae feature on the forthcoming broadcast in the UK of Pretty Little Pageant Queens, where she makes the startling admission.

But, determined for her daughter to secure a win in a pastime that has cost her upward of $16,000 so far, Sami will keep pushing her.

“I don’t care. I will push her because I know what is in her best interests. Hallie will hate me but she will do well in life,” she said. “She asks for it she gets it. But she’s three, I don’t class it as spoiling her. I just think it’s giving her what she wants.”

“We’ve spent thousands of pounds on pageants, that money has to pay for something eventually hasn’t it? I’ve just got to get her a title, hopefully,” Sami said.

With the situation made only worse by the three-year-old’s rivalry with best friend, Bella – who has already won numerous crowns – Sami’s determination for Hallie Mae is very strong.

“Bella has always in the past beaten Hallie. That always preps Hallie into wanting to do it because they are very competitive against each other.”

Sami even admits that she thinks her daughter’s bad habits and meltdowns, which have cost her crowns and coveted titles in the past, are her fault.

“I have absolutely ruined Hallie, she’s drama but that’s my own fault and I don’t care. She is mine and I’ll ruin her as much as I want.”

Source: New Idea

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