Once-obese woman ‘totally disfigured’ her tummy tuck by packing on 20 kilos in 6 weeks

She was having extra skin removed.

A formally obese woman having surgeries for extra skin removal has faced an upsetting setback after she suddenly gained weight, ruining her tummy tuck and leaving her ‘totally disfigured’.

In a clip for reality show Skin Tight, Megan, 34, is seen visiting her surgeon to address her loose skin which appeared after she lost weight following lap band surgery.

Her surgeon, Dr Nounan Nowzaradan, was astonished at how quickly she put on weight.

‘This was unbelievable. That totally ruined her tummy tuck. Her body got totally disfigured.’

She was told she would have to lose the weight if they were going to continue with any of the surgeries, news which left formerly obese Megan in tears.

‘I feel like I am a huge disappointment, not only to myself, but I feel like I let everybody down.’

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