4-year-old falls out of bus rescued by firefighter who caught it on his dash cam

She's one lucky little girl.

An off-duty Arkansas firefighter is being hailed a hero after rescuing a 4-year-old girl from the middle of the road after she tumbled out the rear door of a small bus on the highway. 

Volunteer firefighter, Ryan Ciampoli, was driving along behind a small school bus when he saw something unbelievable. The rear door of the bus suddenly swung open, clinging to it was a four-year-old girl who lost her grip and collapsed in the middle of the road. Unaware, the bus continues on into the distance. 

The dramatic moment was captured by Ciampoli’s dash cam, and the footage goes on to show Ciampoli running out of his car to check on the little girl. A woman comes down and called an ambulance while Ciampoli lifts the girl to a safe place. 

Speaking to Fox News, Ciampoli says the girl was knocked unconscious from the fall but started to wake up as he approached. 

Then the shock kicked in in her little body and she started kicking and screaming and “where’s my mummy?” and things like that, stuff like that is really heartbreaking.’

The girl will spend several days in hospital where she will apparently have surgery for a broken jaw. 

The parents says they expect her to make a full recovery, and don’t blame the bus driver for the accident.

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