Mum gives birth to baby the size of a five-month-old

‘I make ‘em big’

A couple in South Carolina were astonished to learn that their brand new baby boy weighed twice as much as a regular newborn.

Mum, Cindy Richmond,  and dad, Arthur Keisler, were amused by the reactions of the hospital staff in the delivery suite when Colin was born weighing in at over 6 kilos! (14.4 lbs)

Everyone was getting their phones out to Google who is the biggest baby. I couldn’t believe it,’ Cindy told ABC News.

Arthur added, ’the room completely changed as soon as they got him out. The doctor said, ‘Whoa, this is a big baby.’

Nurse Donna Hinton said she had never delivered a baby so big in her 29 years as an obstetrics nurse.

Colin is Cindy’s third child, and she had no reason to expect a big baby after her oldest son, Carson, and her daughter, Samantha, were average sized babies.

Colin’s size also meant that all the careful preparation they had done to welcome the newborn went out the window.

‘My wife’s parents came for a visit and we ended up getting them to stop by the house to get him some clothes he could actually fit into!’ say Arthur.

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