Mum whose daughter nearly drowned hits back at criticism

She says all mums make mistakes - she's just brave enough to admit it.
Instagram / @MeOhMy

A mum who wrote about her daughter almost drowning has hit back at critics who said she should’ve been more careful.

Siobhan Rennie told how she turned her back on her children in the bath and came back to find her daughter flailing under water.

Writing on her blog, MeOhMy, Siobhan said she went to hang up one of her husband’s shirts while her two children, Harry and Aoife, were in the bath.

She returned to find Aoife under the water.

‘I grabbed her so fast out of that bath and held her to me … she was coughing and screaming. It could have been much worse. Aoife is fine.’

Siobhan revealed she was a perfectionist who couldn’t relax until things were sorted away and that’s what led her to put the shirt away.

She wrote about what happened to warn other mothers but says she’s been shocked by the bullying she’s received.

She pointed out that everyone makes mistakes but she was ‘brave enough to admit it’.


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