Mum’s shocking sunburn after forgetting sunscreen on 111km run

That is not a typo!

An ultra long-distance runner made the horrible mistake of forgetting to re-apply sunscreen during a 111km run – and it isn’t pretty.

Mum-of-two Julie Nisbet had successfully completed an astonishingly long run along Hadrian’s walk in The United Kingdom which had her braving the elements for a jaw-dropping 21 hours.

It didn’t take her long to sweat off the sunscreen she had applied at the start of the race, and simply didn’t think to reapply.

After the run the 34-year-old says she was ‘screeching in pain’ as pussy sacks of fluid bubbled up all over her legs.

WARNING: graphic photos

She immediately went to hospital where the sickening blisters were drained and dressings applied. 

Sharing the photos on Twitter, she said: ‘I’m really peeved with myself. Wanted to feel happy today, not screeching in pain every few minutes.”

The pain was so bad she even tweeted that she would prefer to be in labour!

Slowly, after several visits to the doctor to drain extra gunk and pus, Julie tweeted that she’s ‘on the mend’.

No doubt she has learnt an important lesson about reapplying sunscreen!

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