Mum sues day care after toddler left ‘scarred and disfigured’ in horror accident

She’s claiming they failed to provide a safe environment.

A Queensland mum is suing her son’s childcare centre after alleging her little one suffered burns to his leg, hand, and abdomen when he tipped over a bucket of boiling water left on the floor.


Deanne Hoksbergen says the accident at Kanga’s Kindergarten and Childcare Centre has left her little boy, Luka, suffering anxiety and panic attacks as well as ‘scarring and disfigurement’, report the Gold Coast Bulletin.

According to the claim: ‘A bucket of boiling water was placed on the floor in the Junior Joeys Room at the Centre by employees … the plaintiff has overturned the bucket of water onto himself.

‘The accident occurred as a result of the defendant and by its employees … failing to apprehend or carry out any assessment … that a bucket of boiling water was likely to tip over and cause injury to children.’

Hoksbergen is seeking $750,000 in damages – a figure which includes $100,000 for Luka’s anticipated ‘economic loss’, and $19,570 for weekly sunscreen for 70 years.

The Bulletin contacted Kanga’s Kindergarten and Childcare Centre, who declined to comment. Ms Hoksbergen’s lawyers could not be reached for comment.

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