Mum is shunned for refusing to give kindergarten teacher $500 Christmas gift

Would you pay it?
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A mum claims she was ‘shunned’ during the school run after refusing to fork out money for an expensive present for a teacher.

The anonymous woman – known only as Sophie – told Kidspot she was asked to pitch in $50 for a Christmas gift to give her son’s kindergarten teacher. 

A group of mothers organised a luxury $500 weekend away at a winery for the female teacher – including a pamper package and a three-course dinner.

But Sophie chose to disregard the exorbitant demand – instead opting to shop at Kmart for a modest Christmas gift. 

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On top of the $500 gift, other parents were planning on getting the teacher individual presents including spa vouchers, musical tickets and movie passes.

Her decision, according to Kidspot, resulting in her being blatantly ignored in the schoolyard by other mums when she picked up her six-year-old.

‘I know the teachers work hard but I don’t think they deserve a $500 pamper pack at a spa,’ Sophie said. 

‘If you give it to one teacher one year then you’ve got to do it for the whole of their school life – and that gets really expensive for parents.’

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