Mum’s heartbreaking photo of son telling his dead twin about his first day of school

She says their connection is so strong.
Brooke Myrick

Identical twins Walker and Willis Myrick have never met. But that hasn’t stopped Walker from developing a close tie with his twin, Willis, who tragically passed away before being born.

When mum Brooke was pregnant, Willis died from a rare condition affecting identical twins called twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome (TTTS).

Even though they never spoke in person, Walker asks to go to Willis’s grave regularly to talk to him. When he was five, Walker wanted to tell Willis about his first day of kindergarten – which is where Brooke snapped this photo.

Now nine, Walker still visits Willis and talks to him regularly. Brooke is amazed that the connection identical twins are meant to have has remained, even with the twins apart.

Brooke is now determined to raise awareness for TTTS among doctors and parents.

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