Mum’s fun run triumph has gone viral for a heartwarming reason

She finished last but she couldn’t be happier!

Mum-of-two, Dawn Nisbet, is delighted that this snap of her finishing last in a park run in October has gone viral, as she hopes to inspire other women like her.

Admitting to having low confidence, Dawn says she started running in order to feel better about herself.

Crossing the finish line gives her an incredible sense of achievement which she says helps her on days when she doesn’t feel great about herself.

‘For someone with low confidence to love a photo of them where there are jiggly bits, sweat, no makeup and no posing is highly unusual – but this is now my Facebook profile picture and I share it with pride,’ she says of the photo on her blog.

‘There are days where I doubt myself I look at that picture and realise I have already done it.’

She also committed to running to inspire her two daughters.

‘I hope this inspires them to be the best they can be and to never give up, even when it seems really tough.’

Way to go, Dawn!

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