How this mum makes dinner for $1 a meal

Savvy mum Sascha shares how you can do it too!

Squeezing into my jeans I felt frustrated as I struggled to do them up.

After having my two kids, Hudson, then two, and Kaia, two months, I was finding it difficult to shift the last of the baby weight.

Then I found some recipes on the website Healthy Mummy and finally started to see a difference to my body shape.

My husband Liam and the kids loved the Mexican lasagne and healthy mac and cheese too.

As a busy working mum I realised it was easier to prepare the food in advance. 

So every Sunday, I spent two to three hours in the kitchen making up our meals for the week.

It meant when I got home from work, I could simply warm it through rather than cook it from scratch.


I soon discovered another benefit too. 

As I’m always planning what we’re going to eat, we save $100 a week on groceries – that’s around $5000 a year! 

Before, I’d splurge on fresh items I didn’t end up using and throw them away. Now, I know exactly what I need to buy. 

One day I cooked up 114 meals and snacks for just $129 – about $1 a dinner!  I’ve also used my food prep to make 200 meals for a local homeless shelter.

As well as saving time and cash, I’ve lost 30 kilos with this new way of eating. It’s a no brainer!

Sascha’s top tips:

Always plan what you’re going to eat for the week.

Make twice the amount of food at dinner and eat it for lunch the next day.

If your kids are fussy eaters, get them involved with the prep. They’ll be more likely to eat it if they helped make it.

If you can’t pre-make the whole dish, do part of it, like boiling the pasta or rice.

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