Mum makes biscuits for her son’s first birthday – but they’re not appropriate for kids

They don't look the way she was hoping!

A mother who toiled over hand-made cookies for her son’s first birthday party got more than she bargained for when she fashioned the sweet treats.

The unnamed woman reportedly toiled over the dough and cut the shapes carefully, only for the biscuits to end up resembling penises.

Her husband posted a photo of her creation to Reddit, which quickly delighted users.

(Credit: Reddit)

‘My wife made ‘1’ cookies for our one-year-old’s birthday…I don’t think they came out right,’ he posted, using the username PortugalPaul.

Users were quick to comment on the hilarious baking blunder.

‘It’s a….rocket ship,’ one user quipped.

‘Technically they do look like 1’s, we’re just all overly perverted,’ one user wrote.

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