Mum lets ‘pedophiles’ attack her son to teach him lesson about online safety

He expected to meet a teenage girl, he got something completely different.

A mum concerned that her son isn’t taking her messages about online safety seriously staged an elaborate set up where he was lured to a house and harassed by fake pedophiles.

Thomas, 12, started talking to ‘Amanda’ online – a character created by his mum and her accomplices. The supposedly 15-year-old Amanda suggested they should meet up and invited him around to her house. They’d been speaking for less than a day.

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Working with YouTube star, Coby Persin, Thomas’ mum had arranged that there would be no ‘Amanda’ instead, when he arrived two men locked the door and approached the nervous 12-year-old.

In the clip Thomas nervously asks: ‘Who are you?’

One of the men approaches and says ‘I’m Amanda. I’m the one you were talking to.’

Thomas realises he’s made a terrible mistake.

The two men push Thomas into the couch, as he fights back and yells.

Suddenly his mum bursts in the room and reveals the whole thing was a set up.

But then his mother appears and teaches him a lesson.

Screaming at her son she says:

‘This is exactly what you get. How many times have I told you not to talk to strangers on the internet?

‘And then you walk into a stranger’s house not knowing what to expect?’

Coby adds that in real life kids don’t have mothers there to save them, and this does happen to real kids.

Thomas and his mum tearfully hug at the end of the video, the relieved mum finally having gotten her message across.

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