Mum cancels her son’s birthday party when only two people say they’ll come

Her boy has autism and has been let down more than once.

A mum, who was forced to cancel her six-year-old son’s birthday party because only two people were coming, has been overwhelmed with kindness from strangers.

When her friend shared the upsetting story online, people in the area have banned together to give Tobi a birthday party to remember.

‘His birthday is coming up on December 1 and when she asked who would be able to attend a party for him, only two people responded, so she has decided to cancel the party,’ Michelle Jade wrote to the group.

‘The last few times she has organised a party for him either everyone declined or those who said yes never bothered to show up.

‘He was left wondering why.’

‘I’d really like it if we could show this boy and his family that he does matter and people do care about him,’ she said.

After many expressed interested in attending a birthday party for the boy, Jade decided she would throw the party herself.

The celebrations will take place on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland on December 10.
The reaction has been incredibly positive, with many praising Jade for being a great friend.

‘What a truly lovely friend you are. I hope he has an absolutely brilliant birthday. I will do my best to get a card in the post for him,’ wrote one person.

‘I already have the date marked on my calendar. What’s his favourite animal? What wild animals does he like,’ another said.

Another added, ‘I can come in my superman costume and take some photos if you would like.’

For more information on Tobi’s birthday party, visit the Facebook page.

Source: New Idea

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