Sydney mum furious after being forced to pay for ‘trailer trash’ hairstyle

She's hundreds out of pocket and hates what they did.
Nina Mather

A trip to the hairdresser turned into a nightmare for one Sydney mum.

Nina Mather, a social worker from Western Sydney, vented her frustration on social media after she was forced to pay a $200 hairdressing bill for a hairstyle she didn’t want.

‘Love the trailer trash look! $200 bucks worth of bottle bleach!’ she wrote.

Using a picture for reference, Mather told the stylist she wanted balayage, a look where the hair starts darker at the roots and gradually becomes lighter towards the ends.

When Mather realised her hair looked nothing like what she had asked for, she refused to pay the bill.

‘I asked for balayage and showed them a photo, then expected to walk out with the finished result,’ she wrote.

‘I complained and said I wouldn’t pay, so they tried to fix it with more bleach until I was so upset they called security and the cops.’

Police told Mather that legally she had to pay the bill but could dispute the case with NSW Fair Trading.

Source: New Idea

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