Mum’s cruel comment over baby girl born with no arm

'I will not hide her'

A mother of a little girl who was born with an arm deformity revealed the cruel comment she received from a parent at a play centre.

Gracie Morgan, aged 2, from West Wales was enjoying herself when a young boy began staring at her arm.

Her mother Sarah, 32, noticed this and quietly moved her to another area – but not before a fellow parent decided to confront her.

‘She said I shouldn’t make Gracie’s arm so obvious because it was scaring the children,’ Gracie told Yahoo7.

‘I was so angry I just gathered up the kids and left. I didn’t trust myself to respond.’

Sarah said it wasn’t the first time parents or children have made awful comments about her daughter’s arm.

While most people tend to just stare, Sarah said others point and laugh at her.

‘I WILL NOT hide her she is far too perfect for that,’ she said on Facebook.

(Credit: JustGiving)

‘I will dress my daughter how I want I will not hide or cover up her little arm no matter what ignorant people say.’

Gracie was born with a limb difference, which was identified during a 20-week scan before she was born.

Her parents are fundraising for a bionic prosthetic arm so Gracie can have full use of her limb.

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