Woman loses ovaries, uterus and TOES after her IUD lodged in her stomach


A young mother lost her ovaries, uterus and had her toes rot off after severe complications from an Intrauterine device (IUD).

Tanai Smith, a 25-year-old mum from Baltimore in the US, was offered the IUD not long after giving birth to her daughter.

‘I accepted it because I was told that it was safe and it was the best type,’ Tanai wrote on her Gofundme page.

‘It had never given me any problems up until November of 2017. I had it for three years – I was told that it is good for five years.’

But when she went in for a yearly check-up, Tanai’s doctor couldn’t find the IUD.

After experiencing sharp pain in her abdomen, an X-ray confirmed her worst fears – the device had been lodged inside her stomach.

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Tanai was rushed into surgery immediately due to internal bleeding, before going into septic shock.

She had her uterus and ovaries removed, which had been ‘blackened’ from the inside, Kidspot reports.

Her toes then began to turn black due to the loss of blood flow.

The young mum then needed to return to hospital to have all of her toes on her left foot and also the tips of her right toes removed.

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Tanai’s IUD was inserted too soon after childbirth, and her healing uterus ‘pushed it up’ into her other organs. 

‘Every day I think about what happened and wonder, why me?’ Tanai said.

Sometimes things happens in your life and you don’t know why.’

Tanai’s has a Gofundme page and is raising money to help support herself and her daughter. 

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