Miscarried mum waited in emergency for three hours with baby in a handbag

'They didn’t treat me like a human being, there was no compassion or respect.'

A mum has told the horrifying story of how she was forced to wait in emergency, with her miscarried baby wrapped up in a bag, for three hours before being seen to.

Tammy Anderson, 33, and her partner, Shaun Hammond, 44, were excited about the arrival of their baby, Archie, when they discovered they were pregnant in April.

However disaster struck, and Tammy tragically miscarried at home. Ringing her midwife, she was told to bring Archie to the hospital.

‘I had Archie wrapped in a blanket inside my handbag because I couldn’t face seeing him,’ she told The Mirror.

However, no one was able to see her and the heartbroken, ill, and shaking mother had to wait for an excruciating three hours.

‘I got to the point where I was begging the staff to come and help me,’ she says.

‘They didn’t treat me like a human being, there was no compassion or respect.’

They took the body of her baby, and told her that a bereavement counsellor would get in touch – which took two days.

‘To go through such a traumatic thing would have been horrible anyway.

‘But the treatment I received made it even more horrendous.’

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