Miniature pony pays poorly Nan a bedside visit

Honey brought joy to Daphne McCabe's final days

When Daphne McCabe’s family were told she had days to live, they wanted to make her time as happy as possible.

Mrs McCabe, 88, used to love visiting a miniature pony called Honey, who lives in her granddaughter Shantelle’s backyard.

So her loving family decided to bring Honey in to the palliative care ward.

Posting on Facebook, Shantelle explained: ‘She had shown no emotion for months until I showed her a photo of her sitting on Honey, so today with the staff’s permission, we surprised her with Honey! 

Shantelle said her grandmother opened her eyes and smiled when she saw 17-year-old Honey.

She also thanked staff at the hospital for their help in organising the beautiful moment.

Shantelle’s mum, Susan, told the Illawarra Mercury, that the visit had cheered up lots of people in the ward.

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